De Stichting ALS Iran-Nederland (SAIN) zet zich in voor de ALS patiënten in Iran

The ALS Foundation Iran-Netherlands and the ALS Ice bucket Challenge

The ALS Foundation Iran-Netherlands (Stichting ALS Iran-Nederland, ‘SAIN’ ) is pleased with the attention that the disease ALS has received  thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As part of the ALS Ice bucket Challenge, SAIN also wants attention for ALS in Iran. That’s why SAIN donates € 500, - to the ALS Association in Iran. This money will be spent to purchase a ventilation ''BIPAP'' for ALS patients in Iran which prolongs the life of a patient.
Five years ago SAIN set up the website, the first informative Persian website about ALS. In addition SAIN directly supports ALS patients in Iran from the Netherlands whenever possible.
Do you want to help as well? A ventilation BIPAP is much more expensive than € 500 and therefore more money needs to raised. Since online banking from abroad with Iran banks is not possible, we will make sure that the donations end up in Iran. Donations can be sent to SAIN, bank account number.
St. ALS Iran-Nederland SAIN:
IBAN/SEPA: NL27RABo 157054985

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